Mindfulness - Beyond Therapy

Michael_Gregory_white_shirtOur practice is guided by the most current aesearch available. The treatments we utilize have been shown to be the most effective in reducing symptoms and improving the quality of life among patients with anger, anxiety, depression, guilt, and other mood and related disorders. In short, we focus on what works.

Mindfulness Based Rational Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an umbrella term for methods that share a focus on thoughts and behaviors that maintain symptoms, willingness to try new behaviors, and patterns of relating to our experiences. Between-session practice of these strategies serves to consolidate gains achieved in treatment sessions. The following approaches are used in a complementary, fluid manner that reflects the therapist-client treatment plan and goals.

Treatment focuses directly on client's symptoms and on enhancing commitment to one's values. Individual therapy programs are collaboratively developed during initial assessment sessions and regard both partners of the therapeutic relationship as experts. Our programs are flexible and portable. We help clients face anxiety where it is experienced, whether it is at home, in an airplane, or at a street corner. This makes it easier for clients to practice skills between sessions, a fundamental component of Mindfulness Based CBT. It is the combination of science, creativity, and emphasis on consistent practice of skills that makes CBT so effective.

The spirit of our approach is active and genuine. We embrace imperfection as a natural state of being and view mistakes as portals for learning. We regard humor and humility as invaluable tools and use them to lighten and reposition our perspectives. We work hard with you to go to those frightening places, internal and external, to develop tolerance, courage, equanimity.

Beyond Therapy - the essence of our training program can refined down to this singular expression: loving-kindness.