When you are finally right about people is when you understand this: that all people are pure potential.

That is not just a motivational statement. Anyone can truly change, there is no obstacle except your beliefs about them or their beliefs about themselves. It is our job to hold ourselves and others accountable to that, and not to our judgments.

Behaviors can be terrible, even toxic. People are not. No matter what they’ve done. No matter what you’ve done.

People are pure potential, and nothing they can ever do or say can change that. Nothing you have ever done or have ever said can change your potential either. By accepting someone’s potential for change does not mean that you approve of their past or present behavior.

You are free to stop suffering. You are free to be happy. You simply have to change your heart. You simply have to change your mind. In this moment you will define what happens next. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Lay down and surrender the unnecessary need to be right if you want to feel love. To accept others and to accept yourself means that you must resist sizing them up as better than, equal to or lesser than.

Accepting yourself and others equally means to accept the never-ending hope in our shared capacity for beautiful change.

You can free yourself and others of your version of how things were and begin to experience things as they are: Unlimited possibility. Never Give Up ❤

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