When students ask, “What does it mean to be realized?” The answer to this age old deeply introspective question is always the same – realization is the realization of anatta or “not-self.”

You can try and unpeel as many layers of flesh and psyche as you wish – a self will never be found. There is only what we refer to as the nominal “I,” which is the name given (eg: Michael) to this changing mass of physicality, thoughts and emotions called yourself.

This is of immense practical psychological and spiritual importance because it puts so much of suffering in perspective – without an inherently existent “I,” it’s more than fair to ask at any moment who is experiencing the suffering of existence – hurt, pain, health issues, aging and death.

If realization is the profound discovery that there is no intrinsic or inherent self than what is it that we seem to be experiencing each day as we walk around purchasing things, desiring things, getting upset? What is this? This is called self-deception.

If you are not realized, then by default you are probably so deluded and hypnotized by either the grandeur or the pain of your own ego that you actually think that you’re real. At the deepest levels any pain that you experience is only showing you what still remains to be explored.

The revelation that there is no hidden mover or ghost in the machine called “yourself,” is immensely freeing. With regard to the “how to,” or the methodology to achieve this paramount of realizations you’re invited to attend in-person or live on-line every Wednesday from 6-8 pm EST. For more information contact Davitamoodley@gmail.com 


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