Consultation and Referrals

Collaborating with other providers.

It is common for individuals seeking treatment for depression and anxiety to have consulted with psychiatrists and other physicians about their difficulty. We believe that collaboration with these care providers is very important in order to maximize consistency, and therefore effectiveness, of behavioral interventions. Should an initial medication evaluation be indicated, we can facilitate a psychiatry referral and ongoing collaboration. We also refer to and collaborate with the following professionals as needed:

  • Neuropsychologists
  • Clergy members to help address religious obsessions
  • Professional organizers
  • Tutors
  • Dietitians
  • Support group leaders
  • Medical specialists and caregivers
  • Social skills training group leaders
  • Residential treatment programs (e.g., for OCD, BDD)
  • Eating disorders, and substance abuse treatment specialists
  • Educational consultants

We are happy to participate in school meetings (i.e., IEP, 504 planning, RTI) or provide documentation that facilitates a comprehensive treatment approach.

For Professionals

We offer training, supervision, and consultation to mental health professionals interested in training in mindfulness based cognitive-behavioral therapies for continuing education credits. These services are individualized regarding duration and frequency. Supervision services are billed at the standard rate.

For Business

We offer continuing education for hospitals, schools, nursing homes, hospices and frequently tailor mindfulness programs for corporate wellness programs. We also offer corporate mediation in partnerships and mergers.

For Educational

Our therapists frequently lecture at Universities, Educational Societies, for Social Outreach, and liberal religious institutions.