Organization of Scheduling and Treatment

Treatment structures

Once a comprehensive assessment is conducted, an individualized treatment plan is developed collaboratively. In most cases, sessions are initially scheduled for once or twice a week for 45 to 60 minutes. Variations in frequency and duration of sessions may be decided based on factors such as severity of symptoms, stage of treatment, or treatment goals.

Intensive treatment programs

Some research suggests that certain anxiety and depression treatments, particularly for moderate to severe symptoms, may be more effective when sessions are longer in duration and more frequent (e.g., 3-7 days a week) rather than when they are spaced (e.g., weekly). Therefore, we offer intensive treatment programs as indicated to optimize effectiveness.

Advanced Training

For those who wish to go beyond a specific treatment plan and begin to train in a mindful, rational way of life. Specialized individual mindfulness training is offered to committed practitioners. Group mindfulness classes, as well as both group and solitary retreats are offered weekly both live and on-line in video and audio formats to all.

Out-of-office/home visits

Effective treatment of anxiety often requires home or out-in-the-world sessions in order to address anxiety and avoidance where it arises. We can conduct an initial assessment in the home when severe anxiety prevents travel to our office. Home or out-in-the-world (e.g., shopping centers, schools, public transportation facilities, airplanes) sessions may also be warranted when in-office replications of frightening situations are inadequate. Travel time is billed at the standard rate.

On-Line Counseling

Many of our clients maintain contact with us away from our physical location In Tampa, Florida through on-line counseling. Either through Skype or Face-time - our care, commitment, and support to our clients' well-being may be maintained by these modern technologies. Due to sheer convenience, travel, or illness, on-line counseling may be one of the many tools to help you maintain contact and confidence with treatment.

Between-session availability and emergency coverage

Treatment philosophy includes an expectation of growing independent practice of learned and applied therapeutic techniques including, but not limited to mindfulness based rational cognitive therapy. However, we also encourage between-session consultations if this additional contact would further therapeutic progress, for example, if a client becomes overwhelmed by OCD rituals and needs support to resist the urges and do exposures instead. We will respond to between-session phone calls as soon as we are available. We are not able to be on-call for emergencies or provide ongoing crisis management. In the latter case, we will refer to a more appropriate treatment center. Phone consultations are billed at the standard rate.


Appointment times are reserved especially for you. Missed appointments interfere with therapeutic momentum and can lessen the effect of therapy. It is understood that occasional circumstances may arise that necessitate a cancelled appointment. In these events, 24 hours notice is requested so that your appointment time can be offered to another person. Except in the case of emergency, cancellations without 24 hours notice are charged at the standard rate. Strategies to minimize frequent missed appointments may be generated with your therapist.