Realization Integration - Contemplative Counseling

Specialized counseling for contemplatives who have had experiences of non-duality* and wish to integrate those experiences in daily life from family, to intimate relationships to work, and environment.

Existential questions are the norm after having tasted non-dual realization or emptiness. Questions about path, purpose, meaning, finding joy in the mundane and how to merge these extraordinary experiences with everyday activities and where to go from here are commonplace.

Others come into the appearance of this world like this and continuously struggle with alienation - feelings of being born in the wrong place or the wrong time or inability to relate to worldly notions of success or materialism.

Traditional counseling and psychiatry are woefully unprepared to either appreciate or relate to the gravity of these life-altering experiences. Without assistance it is easy to compartmentalize and disassociate and feel increasingly isolated from the experience of others.

Even with profound experiences struggles abound with regard to the inevitable relapse and return to previous unconscious and habitual behaviors.

For those on the yoga, meditation and teaching path inner associations bounce between the wisdom of understanding and compassion to dangerous charlatanism, insecurity, desire and self-worth.

Difficulty with previous frames of reference, teachers and contemplative practices are common. Collectively the difficulty of relating realization experiences to everyday life, I refer to as, "Halfway Up the Mountain."

The Beyond Therapy, "Counseling for Contemplatives," is a three month daily intensive program designed to integrate the experiences and tastes of ultimate realization to meet the apparent demands of conventional relationships, work, and everyday life.

Specific daily meditations on the nature of mind, love and compassion are designed to reorient the contemplative to both deeper realization experiences and foster a profound  relationship to higher path and purpose.

Written daily communication is part of this introspective process as well as weekly conversation/dialogue to both promote complete integration and uncover hidden compartmentalization that inhibit a deepening of further insight and awakening.

High motivation and intention are a must to enter into the program which with meditation time could require at least a three to four hour daily commitment with little room for compromise without a return to the very unconscious habits that are meant to be laid bare, undermined and transmuted.

Only a small number of participants will be taken at a time to ensure maximum dialogue and commitment to the process of deconstructing persistent behaviors and habits and turning toward living a life of compassionate integration aligned with limitless love and wisdom.

The intensive three month "Beyond Therapy, Counseling for Contemplatives," program may be done remotely beginning at $4200 or as a retreat intensive with an emphasis on quiet solitude for an additional mutually agreed upon amount designed to meet the budget of serious practitioners without causing immense hardship.

All prospective attendees of the program will be confidentially asked to share practice experiences, mental and physical health backgrounds and personal and family history. Maximum intention and transparency are key for deep transformation and maturation.

Meditative contemplatives from any tradition are welcomed regardless of spiritual affinity, age, race or gender orientation. *non-dual experiences include direct (not-intellectualized) experiences of absorption (jhana/dhyana) and emptiness, loss or absence of self-identity and/or immersion with awareness.

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